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We made a limited number of cost-effective advertising, sponsorship and promotion opportunities available to individuals, government and co-operate organisation via this blog.

For all advertising inquiries regarding the website, please contact us via

Email:                                 Call Dan 026-779-9482

Ads. Formats

Super Leader board                    960 x 250                           Ghc 1000

Leader Board                                   728 x 90                              Ghc 700

Large Skyscraper                      300 x 600                             Ghc 550

Medium skyscraper                    160 x 600                             Ghc 300

Large Sidebar ad                       300 x 250                            Ghc 250

Medium Sidebar ad                     300 x 100                            Ghc 150

Wallpaper                                 1920 x 1200                         Ghc 1,500

Sponsored Post                                                                       Ghc 50

All rate the Per Month Billing

When sending your image, we prefer JPEG; JPG; PNG; GIF based banner format to

Please get in touch with me via for more details.


Please note that once you have paid for advertising, and your advert display on our website, then the service is deemed to have been provided. After that point there will be no refunds as the service has been delivered at your own request and at a price you agreed to before making payment.
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