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Ghana Campus Blog was founded in 2015 by Hussaini Kwaifa a graduate from Islamic University of Ghana.

GhanaCampusBlog.com is a Ghanaian news website that focus towards campus news of various tertiary institutions in Ghana and also covers  activities and development in sport, entertainment, technology, business, health, and lifestyle.

Ghana Campus Blog is also designed to help tertiary students find ease at campus with regards with information, communication and networking. its also committed to enable tertiary students and people of all ages in Ghana and abroad share information were students and non-students can discuss about it"

Style: Please take care to proofread your own work for grammar before submitting it. All submissions are subject to an editorial review process, proofing and possible headline change. Writers will be consulted if major editing is required. Please write in clear and well-constructed sentences. Avoid using the passive voice as much as possible.
Comments Policy
Here at GhanaCampusBlog we welcome comments and encourage you to give your opinion. You do not need to become a user but you do need to provide us with your name and email address.
All the comments are pre-moderated by the editorial staff before your comment goes live on our site. This is to ensure that comments are not abusive or threatening, spam/advertising, off-topic or defamatory.
If you see a comment that you believe is in breach of this policy please write to ghanacampus@gmail.com 
Please make sure the subject line contains “Comments breach”. 
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