Monday, 16 September 2019

StarTimes pledges to facilitate digital revolution for agricultural transformation

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StarTimes has proposed to facilitate the agricultural development in Africa through digital media.

Zhang Junqi, the Vice GM to the Overseas Department of StarTimes Group and the CEO of NTV-STAR TV Network Ltd stated this at the last African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) in Accra, Ghana.

Although digitalization is one of the main facilitating efforts for knowledge sharing, it is generally recognized that the lack of infrastructure contributes mostly to the low penetration of digitalization in Africa, he said.

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that China would implement satellite TV programs for 10 thousand African villages.

The project, known as “Access to Satellite TV for 10,000 African Villages”, is among 10 major cooperation programs to boost cooperation between China and Africa, and constructed by StarTimes, which provides the rural area with a direct and effective method to obtain information from all over the world. The project is expected to be overall completed around the end of 2019 and then there will be 10112 villages been equipped with satellite TV.

“The CEO expressed confidence that the efforts of StarTimes would create access to digital terrestrial content in rural areas across Africa.” reported by Xinhua News about the speech of Zhang Junqin on AGRF’’, he said.

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